What inspired me to write The Lost Forest


Pithecanthropus erectus (to the left)


Homo biratou and various tools



Note: the two tools in the foreground were collected at the site you can see in the background of this screen image taking during a trekking expedition in the Akkakus Mountains in southern Libya by myself.



Of course there is little resemblance between the two, the first was discovered discovered in 1891 at Trinil on the banks of the Bengawan Solo River in East Java, Indonesia. It was one of the first known specimens of Homo erectus. Its discoverer, Eugène Dubois, gave it the name Pithecanthropus erectus,  derived from Greek and Latin roots meaning upright ape-man. The second was discovered by yours truely in the French Basque Country in the village of Biratou near Hendaye probably a victim of the Napoleonic Wars. Surrounding my discovery is in the background a stone tool from Northern France, a polished stone axe from Indonesia, and in the foreground to the left from the Akakus region of Libya an axe with to the right a cutting tool from a kill site both dating to before 8,000 BC



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